Breaking up is never easy, but in today's digital age, there are apps designed to help you get over your ex and move on with your life. These breakup apps offer a variety of tools and resources to support you through the healing process, whether you're looking for closure, seeking support from others who have been through similar experiences, or simply need a distraction to help you move on. Here are six apps to consider if you're looking for assistance in getting over your ex.

Feeling down after a breakup? There's an app for that! Whether you need a good cry, some uplifting quotes, or just a distraction, these 6 apps have got you covered. From guided meditations to virtual therapy sessions, you'll find something to help heal your heart and move on. So go ahead, download one (or all) of these apps and take the first step towards feeling better. And who knows, maybe you'll even find someone new to chat with on this dating app.

Mend: Heal from Heartbreak

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Mend is a popular app designed to help you heal from a breakup. The app provides daily audio training sessions, journaling exercises, and a supportive community to help you work through your emotions and move forward. Mend also offers a "Heartbreak Cleanse" to help you let go of your ex and create a fresh start for yourself.

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Rx Breakup

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Rx Breakup is another app that offers support and guidance for those going through a breakup. The app provides daily activities, articles, and resources to help you navigate the emotional challenges of ending a relationship. Rx Breakup also offers a community forum where you can connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

Break-Up Boss

Break-Up Boss is an app created by author and breakup expert Zoe Foster Blake. The app offers practical advice, pep talks, and interactive activities to help you get through a breakup with humor and grace. Break-Up Boss also provides a "Break-Up Emergency Kit" with tools and resources for managing your emotions and moving on.


Ex-App is a unique app that allows you to digitally "break up" with your ex. The app guides you through the process of deleting your ex's contact information and blocking them on social media, providing a sense of closure and empowerment. Ex-App also offers a support network of other users who are going through similar experiences.


Happify is an app designed to improve mental well-being and resilience through science-based activities and games. While not specifically designed for breakup support, Happify offers tools and resources to help you build emotional strength and positivity as you navigate the challenges of a breakup.


While Tinder is typically known as a dating app, it can also be a helpful tool for moving on from a breakup. Creating a new profile and engaging with new people can provide a sense of excitement and distraction as you transition into the next chapter of your life. Just be sure to set clear boundaries and take things at your own pace.

In conclusion, breakup apps can offer valuable support and resources as you navigate the emotional challenges of ending a relationship. Whether you're seeking closure, support, or a distraction, these apps can provide the tools and community you need to heal and move on. Remember that healing from a breakup takes time, and it's okay to seek out the support you need to heal and grow.